Handwriting Expert will $17 million dollar case – First Time in Court.




1. FEATURE STORY: “Handwriting Expert Wins $17 Million
Dollar Case – and other interesting facts about Forensic Document
Examination” Live Seminar Audio about this new career.


“Handwriting Expert is key witness to winning $17 Million Dollar Case”

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Transcript: So now, what we’re going to do is, talk about the
different aspects of document examining.. as a career.”You get paid a flat fee per day.”

I charge a thousand dollars a day, but it’s
optional whether or not…sometimes I fly in the night
before and I don’t charge that day, and fly out the next

But Don charges by the hour and by the mile, and bythe minutes and by the phone calls.

You know, he must be better – he dots his “i” closer
thanI do, I couldn’t do all that. Just give me a thousand dollars
and I’ll do it. We have different fee structures, but let’s
talk about the business first.

I read in the Dallas paper the other day, there’s 143 people
that were released from Death Row in the USA, today.
Because, DNA has proved they were not guilty of the
crimes of which they had been convicted, and for which
they were being sent to the execution box.

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Student Review

“The client gladly paid $500 for my opinion. It was amazing that
I am ready to take clients after only eight months in the school.” – Peggy Walla, Class of 2005

Student Review

“A recent Court TV program used the services of three renowned e
xaminers to verify documents from the Lindberg Kidnapping. All
the methods displayed on the program had been taught to our class!
Thank you for sharing your expertise in the field of questioned document examining.” -Barbara McCreary, Class of 2006

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