Tyler Wagner’s 100% Conversion Rate Tips & Tricks!

Tyler Wagner sat down with Bart Baggett and spilled the beans on how he got his book on amazon to have over a 100% conversation rate on one of his most recent books. During the interview Tyler Wagner, he reveals some crucial tips on how to build a following and get your books sold!


Tyler Wagner’s approach is nothing short of genius. He gets people attention by offering them the ability to go to his website and “download free audio book and action guide for free” before purchasing the book. This tactic not only makes people excited because its free, but it gives Tyler the power to acquire new emails and build his following at an extremely fast pace. Tyler explains, “Now that I have a list, and my list is only around 2,000 thus far” he has the ability to market his next books much easier, as well as, offer them courses and extra curriculum for his books.  He uses this little example as a teaser for us all,

                                                                                                     “Hey, you guys maybe didn’t know this, but I actually offer this coaching and here’s four testimonials from the clients I already have”download



Many of us authors out there would be thinking you’re giving away free audio books? Why would anyone give away a free audio book when you’re trying to market your book? Bart Baggett explains, “nonfiction books that have quotes in it, that have graphs, that have maybe statistics or something that I might use in a speech, I want a copy of that.” Tyler took the risk giving away his audio books, but as we can tell first hand this tactic paid off in the long run.


Another genius marketing tool Tyler uses is his ability to use great keywords to capture the audience’s attention. In his book Conference Crushing he uses an astounding approach that I believe all authors out there can benefit from. Tyler says, “This is like the first five rules from Conference Crushing in a smaller eBook and then titled it Network and Networking Events and then in the subtitle, I do that as well, so it’s like double key worded. This sends you to Conference Crushing as well…” This technique is a double whammy in my book! Not only is he using his title to capture the audience but the subtitles as well.


Written by: Kyler Morris

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