Tyler Wagner on Kindle Selling Tips

Tyler has wrote a book that is $4 thats getting alot of sales. But whats his strategy? Bart’s interview reveals how he did it. With a 100% conversion rate theirs always comes up the question of how that is possible?

In the interview, Tyler says that he offers an action guide and free audio book. After that it then sends you to his website where his audience can buy his book.

Tyler- “What we found is like my hesitation before doing that, I was thinking that maybe that would actually ruin my book sales, like people wouldn’t buy it because I’m giving it away for free, but I don’t think it actually affected it whatsoever. Not that we saw with conversion rates and I think it had to do with like reciprocity, like I’m giving them so much value already, get their email and then they come back and most of the time people have a Kindle device, so they want the Kindle as well. So that’s what I do right there. You don’t even have to buy my book to get the full audio version.”

By simply building enough value for his audience he is able to position himself for an email list for more prospects.
Wagners strategy is to build an email list through free content and then funnel them to landing pages.

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