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—->  Tyler Wagner on Kindle Selling tips


You decided to write this book, it’s only $4, so I guess you’re getting rich off of a $4 book, right?


Tyler:  Yep, all the money is only coming from the book. [Laughs]


Bart:  He’s being facetious. [Laughs]


Tyler:  That’s what all my friends back home think so that’s fine, we can let them think that. But yeah, the book does pretty well, I sell about 20 copies of that a day on the Kindle version, but really, it’s in the email, as I think most of you know, I get about 20-25 opt-ins a day just from this book, so my email list is just growing on a pretty regular rate.


Bart:  If you wouldn’t mind pulling back the curtain a little bit on your strategy, because everyone on the phone here has a book or some are about to launch the book and you’ve done a couple things really well. Let’s just take a look at Amazon. I know that this is not like a five-year-old book, there’s still a lot of pieces of your funnel that you’re building and trust me, I know, it can take a year to build out a super sophisticated funnel like the $1-5 million-dollar guys are doing. So there’s no criticism that your whole funnel is not perfect. Because I looked at some of your websites and I know some of them you’ve just thrown up in the last five weeks.


Here’s what you did well. On the Conference Crushing, the “Look Inside,” what did you do? Because you have 20 sales a day but you’re getting 25 opt-ins. The math seems odd to me. So what’s happening here?


Tyler:  That’s what’s funny. Whenever we tell people that our conversion rate on this is over 100%, they’re like, what? What is that? Basically if you scroll down, I offer an action guide and then the full free audio book, I actually offer that before you even buy it. So if you go in here and you preview it and you get here, you would click that button and then it sends you to my website and you can actually download free audio book and action guide for free before you buy my book.


What we found is like my hesitation before doing that, I was thinking that maybe that would actually ruin my book sales, like people wouldn’t buy it because I’m giving it away for free, but I don’t think it actually affected it whatsoever. Not that we saw with conversion rates and I think it had to do with like reciprocity, like I’m giving them so much value already, get their email and then they come back and most of the time people have a Kindle device, so they want the Kindle as well. So that’s what I do right there. You don’t even have to buy my book to get the full audio version.


Bart:  One of the things I’ve noticed with certain books, now fiction books are different because I don’t have a big need to go back and read a fiction book, but nonfiction books that have quotes in it, that have graphs, that have maybe statistics or something that I might use in a speech, I want a copy of that. I’d like to have a hard copy of that, so if I’m listening to that, and there’s all these really great statistics or quotes, I’ll go back and buy the book, I mean, it’s only $4-5, right? I think that’s what you’re seeing because you’re giving very tangible, tactical aspects for how to do it and reciprocity is key.


The most important thing, besides the psychological reciprocity, which Robert Cialdini talks about, is you’re getting their email and how has that affected your overall ability to gain rapport and build a relationship with these people who do not know who Tyler Wagner is?


Tyler:  I mean, it’s been huge. Now that I have a list, and my list is only around 2,000 thus far, but I mean, at the rate that it’s building and I don’t know, I hadn’t showed you this, but my other book, it’s actually really cool how I did it, because it funnels into Conference Crushing and all it is is basically a sample of Conference Crushing, but it’s very keyworded and this has to do with the marketing with keywords and then category selection. But basically, yeah, I just interact with them and then once my funnel is finished, which I’m hoping to have it fully finished in about three weeks or so with a coaching upsell and then a wingman upsell, which we can get into that whenever you’d like, then it will be very easy because I’ve been engaging with them with content, I send out videos here and there and that’s just an easy sell. Like, “Hey, you guys maybe didn’t know this, but I actually offer this coaching and here’s four testimonials from the clients I already have.” Then you go from there.


If you look at this book, if you were to click on the “Look Inside” there, what I did with this, because Conference Crushing, as far as keywords go, it’s not the best, so all I did is took a sample, this is like the first five rules from Conference Crushing in a smaller ebook and then titled it Network and Networking Events and then in the subtitle, I do that as well, so it’s like double keyworded. This sends you to Conference Crushing as well, so all I’m doing is just like really like getting my SEO, getting my keywords up in Amazon. Now I think if you were to type in the keyword, “how to network,” which is a pretty good keyword in the Kindle store, I think I might be number five on the list, which is pretty good, because I just put that book up like four days ago.


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