Bart Baggett Interviews Author Sam Carpenter of Work the System

Bart Baggett Interviews Author Sam Carpenter of Work the System
Download the entire book for free and listen to
discover how work is now stress-free and fun again.
Every now and then a book is written that changes the game.
I wish I could brag about writing this book… but I didn’t.  I did
interview the author and he has agreed to GIVE you, my reader
a copy… as a gift.

The author of the book in question charts the precise
journey he took to go from working 80-100 work weeks
(for 15 years) down to just 2 hours…  (not per day… 2 hours per week.)

Seriously, can you imagine owning your own company… getting burned out,
managing employees, struggling financially… then BOOM!  You turn it all
around and work just 2 hours a week and get a raise.

I asked him how he did it and  he spilled his guts and agreed to give a copy of
his book away to you, my reader.

Click Video Above to View the Webinar Now

But, before you watch the seminar, make me 2 agreements:

1.  You will watch the seminar all the way through (approx 52 minutes).
2.  You will download the book and at least read the first 2 chapters.

If you do those two things, your business (or your work) will never be
the same again.

It sounds like a bold claim and you’d be forgiven for being skeptical!

…However, I have personally implemented his methodology and it
has profoundly changed my businesses and life. In fact, I have more
freedom and clarity than ever.  (Thanks Sam!)

I recently interviewed this under the radar entrepreneur about his
ground-breaking methodology and I truly believe you will find it one
of the most eye-opening and life-changing interviews you are
every likely to hear.

And I don’t say that lightly.

The interview was recorded as a Webinar and is available
here for a short period of time for you to watch and hear:

Towards the end of the webinar you will be given instructions
on how you can download his excellent new book at no cost.

If you do decide to put at least one hour into your
self-development this year, listen to this.  It’s a game-changer.

And, best of all.. it is totally free to you, my reader.

Best wishes,

Bart Baggett
Author of The Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy

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