Why Won’t My Love Commit to Me? (5 clues revealed through handwriting everyone should see)


Special Pre-Valentine’s Day article
by Handwriting Expert Bart Baggettalt

When the relationship first began it felt like both of you had wings on your feet and that together you could soar, hand in hand to greater heights of intimacy.

However, a number of months, even years have now passed and now the relationship is going nowhere. You may even be living together, but still you are missing that sense of initiation, that comes with truly knowing that the person is committed heart and soul to being with you and only you. Suddenly, you feel like you are wearing cement shoes.

"I do not want what I do not have" -Sinead O'Connor


You couldn’t take a step forward in this relationship, even if you tried, because every time you bring the subject up, your partner acts like a victim of the Spanish Inquisition or ignores the issue completely. Your partner may even behave as if just about anything in the world is more important, than discussing a future with you.

Sneaking a peek at your partner’s handwriting might give you some clues as why he or she might be reluctant to head down the aisle.

If you haven’t known the person a long time, it might simply be that he or she is just being very cautious. Caution in handwriting is often represented as a long dash that streaks out from the end of a lower case e or c. These little strokes forward almost resemble “roadblocks” that give the writer time to pause and assess the situation before he or she makes a move.

If your partner displays this trait (caution), then there is a chance that he or she is probably just cautious in all aspects of her life and the hold-up may not be something personal to do with you. The person may just need time to process and analyze their feelings than others. Usually, this is because they have been hurt before.

It could also be that your partner is just putting off the inevitable”, the same way he or she puts off doing the dishes, paying the bills and other matters. A procrastinator will always put off ’til tomorrow what can be done today or what should have been done six months ago (and that includes marriage.) You know you’re with a procrastinator if he or she has been talking about marriage for the past year, and there’s still been no exchange of rings. Or maybe, you’ve moved into together and the two of you seem to be living in a kind of blissful purgatory that doesn’t include any long-range plans. Procrastinators tend to cross their t-bars on the far left. It is like even the act of crossing their t’s is an afterthought.

Then there are those lovers that seem to live in an alternative universe. Every attempt to communicate with him or her seems to “go in one ear and out the other.” This type of lover can also seem very forgetful or like they have attention deficit disorder. This person may actually be lacking the tenacity it takes to follow through to a relationship that is only parted by death, as they are always “living in the moment” and “loving the one they are with.” This kind of person tends to lack a vision of the future and often tends to compress their writing into the middle zone (also known as the mundane zone) of their writing. For instance the tops of their t’s will not rise much higher than the tops of their n’s as below.

Another potential cause of your partner’s reluctance to commit to you is that he or she is not being honest with you. It is possible that he or she is keeping a big secret, like an affair. Indicators of secrecy are loops that look like circle within circles on the left-hand side of an o or a c:

It is also possible that he or she might be lying to him or herself about whether or not he or she actually does want to be with you. This kind of self-deceit is often caused by a reluctance to hurt the other person or a great disappointment that he or she can’t face with regards to the relationship. It is also possible, in this case that your partner is just staying out of you with habit and fears change. People who are lying to themselves or not facing the truth of a situation also tend to have o’s and c’s that contain loops within loops:

Examining your own handwriting for the above traits might also help you discover why you have chosen to stay with an emotionally unavailable person.

Breaking your relationship patterns might be as easy as changing the pattern of your handwriting. For more information about how handwriting can help you find “the one” go to:


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  1. Dr, Adrian Yuen says:

    Aloha: I would love to take your certification program and will do so in the near future, but I am finishing up my second doctorate, this time in clinical/counseling psychology and I have defend my dissertation in March.

    I tried to write my dissertation involving handwriting analysis, but the university did not approve it since no one on staff had advance learning in the field.

    I enjoyed the article as to why people do not commit in a relationship. I particularly like the part about “having secrets.” There are many roadblocks in our journey, frequently these roadblocks include the inability for us to process things about ourselves or what we have done in life. . . the secret is usually larger than the reality and too often we hide because we do not realize what we are hiding except the emotions we impose upon ourselves more than others could impose upon us.

    Thank you for writing the article. Will sign up as soon as I can.

    Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.

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