Why You Should Always Analyze the Handwriting Before the First Date

bart baggettFEATURE STORY :

“A Few Good Reasons You Should Not Date Danny… and Why You Should Always Analyze the Handwriting Before the First Date”

By Bart Baggett
President, Handwriting University

A close friend of mine picked Danny out of 52 possible dates last week from the America Online profiles dating pool. He liked to dance, had a way with words, and seemed to have it all together. In her prudence, she had Danny fax a full page written letter to be analyzed before she accepted the date. Good move. She saved herself heart-ache and possible injury. Danny is not the most stable man in the AOL dating club and he doesn’t have a date with my friend.

1. Fear of success downward y-loops
2. Wide variety of m and n shapes … this makes me wonder about drug use or a general lack of emotional stability
3. High crossed t-bar = Good confidence & ambition
4. Downward t-bar w/ point = control issues = domineering.
5. Lying loops = shades the truth… will lie to your face.
6. Excessive angles in the middle and lower zone = aggression
7. Capital (personal pronoun) “I” that is pulled to the left = emotional withdrawal and unresolved emotional issues related to parents (often this person has needy issues relating to his mother)

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ONE of THREE samples shown for DANNY the AOL date.
See enlarged version of writing sample here.
Sample 1 – o‘s
Sample 2 – m‘s

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