Beware of RedZee and other Fake advertising methods.

Oh no… scammers abound on the internet.  It seems the handwriting world is being “cold called” by representatives of a search engine company called RED

If you are advertising using any pay per click search engine (especially google), they are making calls trying to convince you they are cheaper and better then google.  Yahoo and Google are the industry leaders in PPC advertsing… MSN is coming along strong as a number three.

So, first.. if you are part of the International School of Forensic Document Examination, a student, a graduate, or a member of Handwriting Services please do not make any advertising decisions which are suspect without asking me.  I’m always here to help you succeed in business and not get taken for a ride.

First, 7 years ago, I spent about $100 to test a company that promised to send one of my site TONS of traffic.  After a review, the company my own STATISTICS showed my 100 NEW VISITS per day to the site I was advertising.  But, after 30 days, I received not ONE SALE, and not one OPT IN.  Now, this was WAAAAY below the metrics for that particular site   ( I think it was on weight loss via hypnosis).  IN any case, the advertising company was sending ROBOTS to visit my site via their LINK and claiming to have send me THOUSANDS of new visitors and even had the NERVE to ask me to buy another month of all this great traffic.

Naturally, I’m smart enough to know my own conversion rate.  If 1000 people visit that site, I normally got about 10 sales.  So, if 1000 visited and NO sales occured.. then 1000 computers visited… not humans.

Based on the REVIEWS AND BLOGS I found about , they are a scam too.  And, beware of all advertisers who are not proven.  If you are part of our MARKETING PROGRAM, I’ve told you so many golden nuggets to adverstise… you don’t need to RISK any money on unproven systems.

Here are some links to important blogs about RED ZEE, so you don’t get taken.

So, beware of advertisers calling you who you have never heard of.


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