Forensic Witnesses accepted in Texas court

I just returned from Boston Mass at the NGH Annual Convention where I met a 30 year veteran (Marx Howell)  forensic hypnotist who has testified hundreds of times for the criminal justice system in Texas.  So, forensic hypnosis is another accepted from of evidence in court systems nationwide (USA.)

I was impressed that the “expert witness” advice he gave was similar in theory as the International school’s expert witness Module and the textbooks we reference.  Mr. Howell was very experienced working with the Texas criminal justice system in helping hypnotize witnesses to reveal “eye witness” reports from cases as tiny as a shoplifting to a kid who witnessed two men tie up and pour gasoline on four family members.  Mr. Howell’s hypnosis testimony helped put both men on death row.

So, there is a big future in being an expert witness in all expertise.  But, understanding the pitfalls and procedures of testifying is something that is difficult to learn from a book.  If you are already enrolled in the ‘s program, the “Expert Witness Module” is included.  If not, you might be able to enroll into just that module, soon, which will apply to any expertise.


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