Thinking Patterns and Intelligence


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FEATURE STORY : "Thinking Patterns and Intelligence" in handwriting.

by Bart Baggett

Thinking Patterns and Intelligence

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This audio clip is one small section of our entire DVD/ CD home study course.

One of the most common reasons why people want to use handwriting analysis in their life, is they want to know how intelligent somebody is, how ethical they are and they want to know how compatible they would be in a romantic or business situation.

A cumulative thinker is procedural and slow. They take their time. They analyze things and want all the facts before making a decision. Cumulative thinkers can be a very valuable and thorough asset. They have round m’s and n’s which form smooth letters.

A comprehensive thinker has sharp, pointy m’s and n’s. They are fast thinkers and fast talkers. They don’t always analyze things deeply or have an eye for detail. They will make a fast decision.

Look at your own handwriting. And, inside the course, there are other subtle distinctions which make this theory accurate everytime.

This audio clip is one small section of our entire DVD/CD Home Study Course

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