Lehman Brother’s CEO handwriting analysis

Lehman Brothers:

Richard Fuld Jr          quickie analysis:

handwriting element  / meaning

Forgets to dot his eye:   Not attentive to details (allows others to manage details)

F shaped like a Knife   :    Unconscious anger and resentment at others

Large capital R and F in signature  :   Healthy Ego (essential for CEO of any significance.)

Small loop in letter d:      very sensitive to criticism about how he looks, dresses, and what others are saying.

slant varies from vertical to rightward:      Emotionally unpredictable in expressing feelings:  worst case scenario:  split personality, a  bit like Jykle and Hyde

Rarely picks up pen CEO of leahman brotherswhen connecting letters:       Fluid strokes indicate a quick genius mind who can persuade and charm people with his words.

From BART BAGGETT, President of Handwriting University.com  (USA’s top handwriting expert and forensic document examiner).

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